Veg religion?

So here we go, the plot thinkeths… An all vegetarian school, is this segregation or is it just as justifiable as a catholic school (although I have my own opinions around that…)? Or, emotions removed, is this a way of keeping kids healthy?


2 thoughts on “Veg religion?

  1. In a country where Pizza was famously counted as a vegetable, this sounds amazing. Some of the kids might even still have meat for dinner, but that’s ok, since they’ve at least had two proper healthy meals already. Great for the kids.

    In terms of veg religion- Yes and no. It definitely does have the earmarks of quasi-religious upbringing (A very specific moral code and dietary restrictions). But also- it’s basically a civic organisation (no exclusion of any religion, for instance). I always believe that if you want to decide what upbringing your child gets, fine. I personally prefer an open school, where they can have contact with all kinds of different opinions and worldviews. It just makes for a more balanced child.

    • Agreed on the idea that kids need more open influence… So if we stick to the idea that vegetarianism is healthy and this is a good reason to feed kids this way only, then all good. What if they added a subject to the school called something like “Meat discourse studies”? Holy crap… I’m starting to wish I could be in this school.

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